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KDD Media Company was founded in 2020 in an effort to motivate and inspire others to overcome personal challenges through courage, bravery and determination. We aspire to create a community of transparency where we can share experiences and struggles and celebrate wins. KDD, Knockin’ Doorz Down, represents the effort we must all make to break through our own personal barriers. By bringing real struggles to light and keeping them in the forefront of conversation, we can help others overcome adversity. 


Knockin' Doorz Down

Benefiting The Race 2B Drug Free
Knockin' Doorz Down Hardcover

Knockin' Doorz Down Hardcover



A Story of Breaking Through the Darkness and Finding Redemption

In March of 2020, Carlos Vieira, owner and founder of KDD Media Company, wrote a memoir about his own personal struggles entitled, Knockin’ Doorz Down. In his book he relives his experiences as a drug addict and the ultimate path that helped to save his life. 100% of all sales of this book are donated to the Carlos Vieira Foundation's Race 2B Drug Free campaign.

A Podcast - Real Life Stories of Inspiration Through Struggle and Perseverance

Knockin' Doorz Down


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