Meet The Crew

Jason LaChance

Salinas, CA

"With a family history of addiction, the patterns were set early that I too would fall prey to addiction.  I have a 20-year background in radio broadcasting, which was an amazing passion allowing me to speak with an audience based on a common bond in loving music.  But there was something missing, after going through a divorce, and becoming a single father I started my journey of confronting that I was an alcoholic.  As I began to embrace my addiction and speak with others openly about it, I realized I needed a change to have a more purposeful life helping others. 

The purposeful challenge and opportunity that I was looking for came when I bumped into Carlos Vieira in the grocery store. Along with the release of his autobiography 'Knockin' Doorz Down' he presented me with the opportunity to speak with others that are not only afflicted by addiction but other areas of great adversity and how they overcome their situation to live a more purposeful life.  

It is an honor to speak with people in a vulnerable and loving environment with the goal of helping others knowing that they're not alone in whatever they're going through and have been through. I take great pride in being a part of affirming that anyone can keep growing daily, make positive changes and keep Knockin' Doorz Down." 


Mikey Nawrocki

Merced, CA

From a family history of mental health issues, Mikey has used the Knockin Doorz Down platform to embrace his anxiety and depression to speak with others and to help break the stigma around mental health.  When Carlos Vieira asked Mikey to be on the podcast as a co-host, Mikey could not have been more eager to jump on the opportunity to try and help others dealing with the same struggles as himself letting them know they are not alone.

Chris Moreno

Merced, CA

"After working in radio for over 15 years, I needed something more than the quick ins & outs of radio breaks, wanting to go more in depth in my conversations with my listeners.  So I started my own podcast, bringing rock news every week in a fun & informative, intimate way.  From that, I got the word that Jason, my good friend & radio colleague of over 10 years, was looking for a consultant on building this new podcast called Knockin' Doorz Down.  He explained the premise of the podcast, helping people overcome their addictions & problems, and I couldn't have been more excited to get involved.  I was happy to bring my knowledge of studio equipment, technology & co-hosting to make this podcast a success.  I love working with the KDD team bringing these inspirational stories to our listeners every week.

When I actually read Carlos' book, I was even more excited to get involved in this cause.  His story was so real & inspiring, it was easy to be involved with such a powerful message.  I told Jason after I finished reading Knockin' Doorz Down, "we can change lives with this podcast" and that is my focus every week here.

I hope that our podcast can bring hope, inspiration & resources to everyone out there struggling to overcome their adversities.  If we change just one life for the better, it will all be worth it to me."