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Mikey Nawrocki

Merced, CA

"The opportunity to work with 51FIFTY came after I modeled the men's apparel line. With a passion for the 51FIFTY brand and its purpose I was approached by management to become a sales rep for the energy drink line. After 6 years with 51FIFTY, owner Carlos Vieira informed that the energy drink part of the brand was coming to a halt.  However, he presented me with an amazing opportunity to be a part of the Knockin’ Doorz Down podcast, touching on subjects such as addiction, adversity and mental health. I couldn't be more excited just due to the fact that I love the company, its mission and I get to help break the stigmas surrounding addiction and mental health."

Chris Moreno

Merced, CA

"After working in radio for over 15 years, I needed something more than the quick ins & outs of radio breaks, wanting to go more in depth in my conversations with my listeners.  So I started my own podcast, bringing rock news every week in a fun & informative, intimate way.  From that, I got the word that Jason, my good friend & radio colleague of over 10 years, was looking for a consultant on building this new podcast called Knockin' Doorz Down.  He explained the premise of the podcast, helping people overcome their addictions & problems, and I couldn't have been more excited to get involved.  I was happy to bring my knowledge of studio equipment, technology & co-hosting to make this podcast a success.  I love working with the KDD team bringing these inspirational stories to our listeners every week.

When I actually read Carlos' book, I was even more excited to get involved in this cause.  His story was so real & inspiring, it was easy to be involved with such a powerful message.  I told Jason after I finished reading Knockin' Doorz Down, "we can change lives with this podcast" and that is my focus every week here.

I hope that our podcast can bring hope, inspiration & resources to everyone out there struggling to overcome their adversities.  If we change just one life for the better, it will all be worth it to me."

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